Clear alignment from Auckland dentist

ECligner - The invisible teeth alignment solution

The clear advantages of ECligner teeth alignment
Beautify your smile with the original creators of clear aligners. Correcting your teeth with our simple weekly aligner system. Since its inception in 1998, eCligner clear aligners have provided satisfaction to patients in over 49 different countries through representative agencies found all over the world.

The Original
eCligner clear aligner technology has been innovating the world of orthodontics since 1998.

The Comfort
eCligner is made of eco-friendly material that is gentle in the mouth.

The Inimitable Methodology
Unlike other brands, eCligner ‘s advanced aligner technology allows for treatments without any additional attachments.

The Pursuit of Perfection
Continually evolving 3D digital teeth correction pro-gram provides precise treatment plans for the most ac-curate and the most beautiful results.

The Customization
A new aligner for each week of treatment to provide the most accurate results.

The Global Access
Patients all over the world have access to eCligner treatment through agencies located in over 49 different countries.

Dentist alignment
clear teeth alignment
Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces.

Notice gradual improvement
From simple to complex cases, treatment periods will vary from three months to a year. During the treatment period, your eCligner provider will have you visit the clinic every three to six weeks in order to check on your treatment progress and/or to provide you with a new set of aligners.
Your smile and teeth will gradually improve with the benefit of others not being able to notice your invisible aligner treatment. You can keep record of your gradual improvement through the use of our eCligner selfie app, which will also help you manage your treatment and help you keep motivated throughout the treatment period.

Achieve a new smile, achieve a new life
After you have completed your treatment with satisfactory marks on patient compliance and cooperation, you will have finally reached your goal! You will be able to show off your new bright smile, one that you have rightfully earned and deserve.
All that is needed now is to maintain your beautiful smile with retainers in order to keep your teeth in place and prevent relapse.