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Dental bridges and crowns have become increasingly favourable options to replace damaged, broken or infected teeth. Rather than removing an entire tooth, one can choose to fit a crown on the infected/damaged portion. A dental bridge is the perfect solution for missing teeth and can easily bridge the gap left out by missing teeth. Not only do these procedures strengthen the entire tooth, they also considerably improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

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Dental Bridges at Nova Dental

A bridge is essentially a fixture that is made to replace existing teeth. A replacement tooth is inserted into the gap created by a missing tooth. A crown is placed on the replacement tooth and is fixed to the crowns placed on the adjacent teeth on both sides. This creates a bridge of crowns which is supported by the healthy teeth present on either side of the missing tooth, holding the latter in place. Bridges are permanent fixtures and are custom made to fit individual needs and requirements. In most cases, a dental bridge is made out of ceramic (tooth coloured enamel) or gold.

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Dental Crowns at Nova Dental

A dental crown is a fitting which is either made of ceramic or gold and is used to fill up the damaged/infected portion of a tooth. Crowns are the best solutions for weak, worn down or unpleasant looking teeth as they can restore the teeth to their original appearance, form, and function. The procedure involves removing the infected/damaged portion of the tooth/teeth and then filling the gap with a custom made crown which gives off the impression of a complete tooth.

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