Payment Options and Dental Costs

Payment options

Dentistry Costs

Examinations, teeth alignment, tooth extraction, whitening, fillings, crowns and other dental treatments.
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Terms & Conditions

The cost of dental treatment is of deep concern to many dental patients, and this prevents them from having the best service available. We share this concern and in order to cross the financial barrier, we are prepared to offer a number of payment options. For your convenience we accept the following form of payments:

1. Prepay (Cash, Eftpos, Cheque & Credit Card)

Paying in advance enables us to cover the cost of preparing the exact materials involved in patient’s treatments without any delays. By doing so we can reduce amount of wasted materials. Keeping a lot of dental stock in the dental practice for every single dental procedure is an expensive exercise; in fact some of this stock will never be used and will be wasted. We can overcome this problem by preparing the materials on individual bases. And to show our appreciation we offer five percent courtesy adjustment to be credited to your account. It can be used towards any future treatment you or any other person you nominate may need. To qualify, your treatment plan must be $1500 or over and the treatment must be paid in full at least one week before your appointment time by either Cash, Eftpos or CareCredit.

Example: $75 (5%) courtesy adjustment will be credited to your account for $1500 advanced payment.

2. Pay-as-you-go  (Cash, Eftpos, Cheque & Credit Card)

This is our default payment option, where you pay for your dental treatment as and when you have any treatment. Normally payment is required at the time of your visit. However for complex procedures multiple appointments may be required and you can always spread the payment over the course of your treatment, our receptionist will be happy to offer advice. Delayed payment without previous arrangement will result in extra work and pressure on our small team and in this situation further charges will be added to cover for the administrations costs.

3. Building a Credit

It will be a very good idea to plan ahead and save for your treatment. We can always help by providing our bank account details and you can save for your treatment. You will always be eligible for 5% courtesy adjustment that will be credited to your account if your treatment costs $1500 or more. We will keep you informed about the balance of your account on monthly bases.

4. Work and Income (WINZ)

In certain situation WINZ can help to cover for the cost for your dental treatment. Ask our staff for assistance and they will be more than happy to help.

5. Accident and Compensation Corporation (ACC)
If the need for the dental treatment was because of an accident, then the majority of the treatment cost will be paid by ACC. Please do ask our staff for assistance. Please speak to our administration staff prior to treatment to discuss the best option for you.
6. Dental Health Benefit (DHB)
7. Qcard
8. Farmers Card

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