Family Dentistry, Auckland

At Nova Dentist clinic, we believe that good oral health begins at home as children. We endeavour to offer tailored services for all of our clients, regardless of their stage in life – our focus is on providing dentistry for the whole family rather than just the individual.

Nova Dental ensures our facilities are family friendly. We’re proud to say that in some families, we treat the children, the parents, and the grandparents! That means your entire family can receive essential dental care under just one roof.

Starting Your Child’s Dental Journey

It is never too early to start dental visits with your child. Although you should be cleaning your infant’s gum with a damp cloth, we encourage families to bring their children in for an appointment as soon as their first tooth erupts or they turn two, whichever comes first. With family dentistry, the main benefit is keeping track of oral development and ensuring teeth emerge properly. This will minimise a child’s need for braces later on.

Teeth are necessary for eating, speaking, forming words, and confidence, so give your child the best start in life by keeping on top of their dental needs.

Keeping Dentistry for Families Affordable

The information above may have had you worried about how much money you will be spending on your family’s dentist appointments. We understand how discouraging a large health bill can be, however NO need for panic.

If your child’s age is under of 18 years old, then he is eligible for government funded treatment. This mean that his dental care will be provided for FREE. This also includes orthodontic consultations.

Our aim is to treat you and your children as though you are a part of our own family. That’s the beauty of communities like Papakura! We are also affiliated with the Ministry of Health, and we work closely with government-funded school dental services.

Get in Touch with Our Experts Today

For more information or to book an appointment with one of our family dentists, contact us online or call 09 298 7501. We’re always happy to help!