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Wittingly or unwittingly, many people find it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene. This has led to the rise of several teeth and gum related issues. On an aesthetic level, one of the main issues faced by many is that of discolored teeth. Teeth tend to accumulate food particles and stains over time and become discolored. One way to reduce this discoloration and make the teeth look white again is through teeth whitening treatment.

At Nova Dental, we offer specialized teeth whitening treatments at the most affordable rates. Our team of highly skilled dentists is backed by numerous years of experience and ensures to put its best foot forward for a better outcome for the patient.

If you are looking for trustworthy Teeth Bleach Auckland dental office, visit Nova Dental today. We are equipped with state of the art medical facilities and equipment to handle your needs.

Our teeth whitening treatment usually starts with a recommendation to visit your dentist in order to assess the overall health of your teeth and gums. A teeth whitening session is then scheduled and involves cleaning and polishing your teeth via regular scaling and polishing.

Following this, impressions of your lower and upper teeth are taken in order to create a basic model for your whitening aka white trays. These trays are custom made for each patient and are designed to fit your teeth precisely.

A follow-up visit will then have the dentist providing you with the custom made whitening trays along with whitening gel as part of a whitening kit which will come with instructions on how to use the trays as well as the gel for the desired whitening effect.

You can be rest assured your teeth are in good hands at Nova Dental as we strive to give you back your ravishing, pearly white smile.

Teeth whitening.
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