Dental emergencies

Emergency dental care from Monday to Saturday

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Nova Dental can assist if you have a dental emergency and need the help of a dentist urgently. Tooth and gum emergencies can be particularly painful and can lead to bigger problems if left untreated so it’s wise to seek professional help as soon as they arise.

Our Emergency Dentist Services

 If you are looking for a dental clinic that deals with emergency situations, contact Nova Dental today. It is our goal to try and accommodate you into our schedule on the same day to ease your discomfort and correct the issue.

Tooth Ache Pain Relief

The trauma that comes with immense tooth pain is not something to be taken lightly. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, the emergency team at Nova clinic will find the source of your problem and will administer relief.

Dental Extraction

Tooth extraction is a common procedure to fix pain, decay, abscesses, broken teeth, and advanced periodontal disease. We use local anaesthetic to ensure you feel no pain during our procedures and will discuss your options for tooth restoration with you.

Knocked Out or Broken Teeth

When permanent teeth are knocked out, there is a high chance that they can survive if they are put back immediately. This is why you shouldn’t delay in calling Nova Dental when you have a broken tooth. If a tooth is broken, store the fragment in milk or your own saliva and see your oral health professional as soon as possible.

Accidents and Trauma to Your Teeth

Traumatic dental injuries can occur due to accidents and sporting injuries – this usually results in chipped teeth and can cause a great amount of pain. If you have experienced oral trauma, call Nova immediately and visit us for emergency treatment.

Dental Infection and Tooth Abscess

Advanced tooth diseases, such as periodontitis, can affect your entire mouth. A tooth or gum abscess can cause extreme pain and has the possibility of spreading further in your mouth. Your emergency dentist will clean, drain and treat the area during your appointment.

Broken Fillings

Each case is different when it comes to broken or missing fillings. You may need to explore more permanent restoration options, or possibly a root canal procedure. To avoid the extremes, speak to your dentist straight away when you notice a broken filling.

Why Choose Nova Family Dentist for Urgent Care?

In the event that your dental problem requires more than one visit to our office, we will ensure your immediate tooth issues have some relief and you are comfortable while we arrange a subsequent visit as early as possible. Our team will also send you reminders for follow-up appointments to reduce the recurrence of dental emergencies.

We are ACC (accident compensation corporation) providers and we work closely with WINZ (work and income New Zealand) to offer affordable accident care. We are Q-Card providers and we offer 90-days to 1-year interest free when your case meets the conditions. Unless stated otherwise, we will take payment for your treatment on the day.

If you are in urgent need, we will aim to see you today so call our clinic on 09 298 7501 or contact us online.