Teenage dental care

Oral hygiene is an important part of oral health.  And the best time to pass on this information to your children is when they are still young and learning to live a healthy lifestyle. An important part of maintaining oral health pertains to regular dental checkups to ensure the teeth and gums remain healthy and disease free as your children grow.

Unfortunately, dental care has become a very expensive practice for individuals who find it hard to pay for skyrocketing dental treatments. Thankfully though, the Ministry of Health in New Zealand has recognized this difficulty and has started a program that covers the cost of the basic dental care needs of children in the country.

While this may be a welcome relief to many parents in New Zealand, there is the fact that many dentists do not offer this free service. But step into Nova family dentist and you will be assured of this government approved dental service, especially if you are registered with us. We remain a towering presence in the field of dental health care and are the first choice for anyone looking for free teenage dentist care Auckland.

Our kid’s dentistry care service is completely free. The comprehensive service will cover all dental checkups, professional cleaning, fillings, and complex treatments if any, and will be available free of cost for kids from year 9 at school (12-13 years old) until they turn 18. As part of our free dentist service, we also offer complimentary orthodontic checks during routine checkups.

Our services are carried out with advanced dental equipment, with highly skilled and experienced dentists taking utmost care to ensure that the checkup, as well as any follow-up procedure is carried out in the most efficient and hassle-free manner so that your children remain calm and stress-free throughout the process.

Teenage dental care - young adult and family care
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