Tooth coloured fillings

Dental bonding has changed the field of medical dentistry considerably. From the time of its inception over 50 years ago to current day use, dental bonding aka Teeth Filling Auckland has provided a revolutionary way to replace lost tooth structure, with an end result that is aesthetically pleasing and as natural looking as possible.

Dental bonding makes use of white fillings (tooth coloured resin) that are literally glued (or bonded) to the teeth. The fillings are invisible and can be easily filled into the gap created by decay, filling or a lost tooth. The use of these fillings can help replace lost tooth structure on an aesthetic level. Composite bonding is durable as well as biocompatible and allows for the tooth to look as natural as possible.

We have a team of highly experienced dentists to guide you through the procedure of Tooth Coloured Fillings Auckland at Nova Dental. Our dentists will brief you about the various stages involved in the bonding process and will probably schedule more than one visit depending on the number of teeth that need to be filled.

The bonding process for one tooth usually takes about 30 minutes wherein your dentist will first select the colour and shade of composite resin that matches your tooth colour. This is followed by etching the surface of your tooth to make it a bit rough. The tooth is then coated in a conditioning liquid for some time. The dentist will then proceed to apply the resin to the tooth, moulding and smoothing it until it gets into shape. A laser or UV light is used to harden the resin. The dentist will then trim the hardened resin further and polish it to meet the sheen of the remaining tooth.

tooth coloured fillings
Natural coloured teeth fillings.